Booking & Cancellation policy

How do you pay for your tours 

We now offer a Payment link for a Non refundable deposit at the time of booking with us

Associated Companys and Drivers with Highland Discovery Tours

Once my bookings are fully I have a hand picked selection of drivers  who know my tours and will take you on a enjoyable tour all done though highland discovery tours

Roy Martin of Invergordon HDT contractor North tour specialist

Billy Mackenzie - highlandtours4u of Inverness HDT contractor Isle of skye specialist

Roberto Ernenista - Speaks Phillipine and English, HDT contractor Inverness Specialist

Alister Turner - Transfer taxi and local guide for Inverness area

We can't promise the weather - We can promise we wont cancel - 

What is a Private tour 

this tour is only you and us on the day so no over booking of seats - we wont cancel last minute - 

read my reviews on trip advisor we do tours all year round and in all weathers We wont cancel your tour 


Cancellation of your Booking from Inverness

You will not be refunded the deposit taken 

If your taking a tour from Invergordon

if your boat is scheduled not to dock you will not have to pay anything except the non refundable deposit at the time of booking but please make us aware ..

if you require to cancel you will not be refunded the deposit taking at the time of booking

If you do not show at your collection point between 8.30 - 9am or pre arranged time

This will be a no show tour and not refundable

you will have our direct contact number for the day +447572817097 or your driver who is collecting you


transfers require a administration charge of 20% of the total booking this is non refundable if you cancel this booking with us .